Posted: 10/08/09
Single Ladies: The Jazz Guys present their faithful rendition of Beyonce's Single Ladies.


Posted: 10/20/08
Thailand: Maarten van der Poll of the Jazz Guys is leaving for Thailand to start a travel agency for rock and roll bands looking to perform in the Thai circuit. Please email info at the jazzguys dot com for more info.

Posted: 05/09/08
Upcoming Show: The Big Bad Box Variety Show with The Jazz Guys starring Ryan Ober, The Cave Bees, Rue Mevlana, Koolaoke, The House of Lemay, The Green Candle Theatre, and Artwork and Photos by Dostie, Michael Heeney, Michael DeVasto, Georgia Carbone, and Brooke Monte Rietveld. Hosted by emcee Seth Jarvis. Want to help flyer? Download high res poster and PDF here.

Posted: 03/07/08
Check out the third issue of the Jazz Guys' comic, "Rock Pops " written and illustrated by Maarten van der Poll. Click the image for larger view.

Posted: 2/28/08
The Jazz Guys Valentine's Day Movie!

Posted: 1/26/08
Coming soon...

Posted: 1/14/08
Check out the second issue of the Jazz Guys' comic, "Ghost Writer" written and illustrated by Maarten van der Poll. Click the image for larger view.

Posted: 12/16/07
The Jazz Guys' track "Jungle Jackson," from their latest release "So Moped Pureé," has been awarded Best Song of 2007 by Eva Sollberger, creator of the Seven Days video blog, Stuck in Vermont, and personal blog, The Deadbeat Club. Eva submitted a video response to False 45th's 2007 Year End Music Survey where she acknowledges her personal musical highlights of this past year. Every year False 45th compiles a vast survey from musicians and critics summarizing the year in music. False 45th's blog is a great resource for national and local music releases and we recommend that you check it regularly to stay up to date. You can watch Eva's video below to see what other great music Eva nominated for her response to False 45th's Year End Survey.

Posted: 12/04/07
Check out the first issue of the Jazz Guys' comic, "Delay of Game" written and illustrated by Maarten van der Poll. Click the image for larger view.

Posted: 12/03/07
The Jazz Guys have posted their entire video catalog onto YouTube for your enjoyment. You can also watch all Jazz Guys films on our website under the Video section.


Posted: 12/02/07
Free Music! The Jazz Guys have recently posted 3 different albums to their website free for people to download. Please take as much as you like and there's more to come! Currently uploaded is a single from 2003 that was recorded in their living room in Winooski, VT titled, "Death of a Cowboy" which features Steve Hadeka on drums. Also launched is their EP from 2006, "A Blessing in Disguise" and 8 demo recordings from 2007 titled "So Moped Pureé." We hope you enjoy.

Posted: 11/10/07
UPCOMING SHOW ALERT: John Lennon Tribute Show featuring Herb van der Poll and Bob Wagner. Click here for more details.
Posted: 11/09/07
UPCOMING SHOW ALERT: The Jazz Guys with the Smittens at Parima in Burlington, VT. Click here for more details.